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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Blog ... Welcome to the 21st Century - a Decade late

Year was 1999 and I was pottering around London doing this and that. For several weeks I got myself some work with the BBC Short Film Festival; the deal was that I man their ticket booths, ursher people into the cinema, and I get to sit through as many screenings as possible when not on duty. Sounded good to me. I used to be a short film addict. The only thing was that we had to wear this BIG name tag size of my face - the Beeb likes to do things proper, I guess. So one afternoon, I was selling tickets inside a Leicester Sq cinema and this couple came up and asked: "You from Hong Kong?" Hmmm, do I know these people? I thought. "We used to read your column every week!" Personal vanity aside, I thought it was an amazing moment: thousands of miles away from home yet people knew who I was :o0 I readjusted my name tag --like, moved it out of my face -- and said a quick humble "thank you" ... Life is kinda unpredictable.

Welcome to my new blog. This is inspired by my lovely cousin Grace who has already been writing hers for years from Tokyo AND published a book on it. Also, I've been reading other people's blogs lately and it kinda looks fun.

Now, what does this button do ... Oh, that's my dog Batman in the top right hand corner ...