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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ao no Kiseki (Part 5)

Wow, I finally beat the game last night. I kinda put it down for a few weeks (no matter how much I love it) cos I thought the final boss (notorious for being extremely difficult, even on Easy mode) was impossible to beat. Then I've been watching all these YouTube videos and reading different posts on forums (doing my homework and research!) and realised it could be done ... just needs to be patient and a little planning.

Mariabell of Crossbell
So, first up in the final battle is the alchemist (witch?) Mariabell Crois, who actually isn't that difficult to beat; then it's that egg/cocoon thing (a morphed KeA!!) that has two forms. The first form looks tricky but isn't too bad once you realise you need to kill off his minions first ... otherwise the thing just keeps spawning and healing itself ... horrible. The final form is what most players had difficulties with. I defeated it with luck ~ like I happen to have Zero Field (protection) on at a really crucial moment and enough burst orbs to spam S-Crafts to kill the thing. But it take awhile (maybe an hour?) to wrap the game.

Now I'm on second playthrough ... and nightmare mode. Looking forward to a second run as I really like this game and its battle mechanics ... so will keep playing it until Sen no Kiseki III comes out ~ whenever that is!!! 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

More The Legend of Heroes ...

To be honest, I really miss the cast in Ao no Kiseki so it's great that Lloyd and Rixia are back and playable in Sen no Kiseki II, in the last dungeon called the "Cloister of Reveries". I really am stretching these games out so I have something to play while waiting for Sen no Kiseki III. Well, both Trails of the Sky and Trails of the Sky SC are downloadable but do I really wanna play through these earlier Legend of Heroes titles? There is also The Third Evo but the English version won't be out until next year (boo-hoo). And after Ao, I don't really fancy playing such a long game in Japanese, even though a special box set is now available!

So, with a party of seven, I've decided to turn Rean and Fie into Lloyd and Rixia, using the mirror of reveries. Gaius and either Millium or Jusis will make up the team while Emma and Alisa are in reserve. Since all the bosses have to be tackled by Class VII so no point bringing the grown-ups or the two girls from another school. Besides, all I wanna play are the pair from Ao!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Pain in the Neck

Yes ... to celebrate the announcement of the release date of Final Fantasy XV (in September), I dug up 1) Final Fantasy Type-0 and 2) The 3rd Birthday (sadly not Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII cos I very stupidly sold it years ago), all of which by director Hajime Tabata (of Square Enix) who is now in charge of the FFXV project. I love these games and thought I'd just, well, play them. 

Those who've been following this blog (me) will remember The 3rd Birthday was the game that gave me some serious health issues ... well, a numbed thumb and pitched-nerve-neck to be precise. The shooter game is really, really, really fun but pretty intense. Anyway, a couple of nights ago decided to replay the first two chapters (my old saves were erased by the recent ransomware attack - boo-hoo!) and, Wow, my thumb became numbed and my neck totally stiffened up! This game is So Good, yet So Bad for me!!!

So, now I am playing Digimon World (I know...) which is a more relaxing game LOL