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Sunday, April 10, 2016

More The Legend of Heroes ...

To be honest, I really miss the cast in Ao no Kiseki so it's great that Lloyd and Rixia are back and playable in Sen no Kiseki II, in the last dungeon called the "Cloister of Reveries". I really am stretching these games out so I have something to play while waiting for Sen no Kiseki III. Well, both Trails of the Sky and Trails of the Sky SC are downloadable but do I really wanna play through these earlier Legend of Heroes titles? There is also The Third Evo but the English version won't be out until next year (boo-hoo). And after Ao, I don't really fancy playing such a long game in Japanese, even though a special box set is now available!

So, with a party of seven, I've decided to turn Rean and Fie into Lloyd and Rixia, using the mirror of reveries. Gaius and either Millium or Jusis will make up the team while Emma and Alisa are in reserve. Since all the bosses have to be tackled by Class VII so no point bringing the grown-ups or the two girls from another school. Besides, all I wanna play are the pair from Ao!

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