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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Final Fantasy XV

Finally, I am now playing Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4 with a 50" TV screen.


It's something I'd always wanted to do but never got around doing. Then a (very generous) friend got me a PS4, and a few months later I bought a Samsung TV screen in a promotion. So far, I'm just taking it very slow, speaking to all the NPCs, doing all the sidequests that I can find (oh yes, feeding the cat) and really experiencing the game (it did take some 10 years to make). The VA is cool and I really love the music.

I'm kinda following a local walkthrough that is not very good (as well as an online one) so am playing the game semi blind. But I did watch all the cut scenes already so I kinda remember some of choices that I should make :-) Since this is my first console game (after more than decade playing on the PSP/ PS Vita) so still getting a grip using the control stick. Today I spent about four-five hours playing and I didn't even feel time passed (!)

This is also my first time playing a MMO - Final Fantasy XV - A New Empire! This is addictive stuff and I must confessed I've already spent more than I should on it, buying booster packs (well, at least I don't buy just to be OP)... since you interact with "guild members" all the time, the social aspect of the game is actually much fun. One of the leaders in our team is a bit of a psycho though and he alone provides much entertainment.