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Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a Couple of Images

Our Sweet Ding Ding finally passed away and joined his sister Dong Dong in Doggie Heaven last week. Have to say it was a relief for everyone because none of us wanted to see him suffer. He was diagnosed with spleen cancer more than a year ago so he'd lived much longer than expected.

Batman and Bolt are obviously relieved too given when Ding Ding was on steroid treatment, he just beat the crap out of them simply because, er, he wanted to. With Ding Ding gone, Bolt is now The Boss (well, that was what animal communicator Rosina told us anyway), which makes Batman The One Who Gets Bossed ... or does it? Below a couple of photos of him and Bolt ... he sure is no push over!!!

Bolt: Hey, who is the boss around here now? Look at ME when I'm talking to you!

Batman: Don't mess around with me, pal ... see the fate of Bolt? That's what is left of him!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little Energy

Phew! It has been a busy couple of weeks (I was up at 4.10am unlocking my "new" and "real" second-hand Sidekick LX ... crazy but worth it) and I think all the hard work on the yoga mat has finally taken its toll. It's kind of strange. The left side of my body - neck, shoulder, hip, knee, leg - has gotten really weak/stiff in recent weeks ... I can no longer do the bind on the left hand side and my left knee (which had to be "drained" about half a year ago) never quite recovered from that trauma. I asked the perfect human specimen whether I was doing something wrong in class and he said no ... but advised me to seek medical help ... think I shall do that if things don't improve. In the meantime, I think I will scale down on the double-sessions ... I probably HAD over done it ~ a bit.

In the meantime, with my feet up, I've been looking through the Beautiful catalogue my friend brought back for me from the Caravaggio exhibition in Rome. Caravaggio has always been one of my favourite Old Masters ... without going all academic and theoretical, I appreciate his paintings for the richness in colours, the atmosphere, the shades, the drama, the expressions ... I can spend HOURS looking at just one work ...

The Supper At Emmaus (1606)

The Taking of Christ (1602)

... before I nod off ...