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Sunday, March 23, 2014

More on Final Fantasy X-2 HD (Part Four)

Just posted below onto a game forum. Yes, still playing the game (endless fun; grinding APs not as bad as I thought) ... and also bought the Chinese edition of Final Fantasy X (with original Japanese voices). Will save that for later. I find the battle mechanism of X-2 v diverse and the difficulty of the game (esp towards the end) pushes players to make use of this mechanism to come up with strategies to defeat the tougher bosses.

Okay, my primary character/party (thematic) setup is:

Yuna, primarily healer and magic wielder
DS: Moogle, Gun Mage and Songstress (Festival goer I still like)
GG: Valiant Lustre
ACC: Ragnarok + stat boosting (or Lore)

Rikku, attacker, secondary healer
DS: Berserker, Alchemist and Thief
GG: Highroad Winds (be good to get Mounted Assault) or Ray of Hope
ACC: Rabite's Foot + stat boosting

Paine, sole attacker
DS: Samurai, Dark Knight and Warrior
GG: Undying Storm or Valiant Luster
ACC: stat boosting + stat boosting

With strategy, the above should be fun to play. I wish I didn't miss the Invincible accessory :o( now I will have to unlock GG that has break damage limit...

Over on tech land, I bought an old Samsung ... now I have FOUR obsolete (but I think still v stylish) phones: Sidekick LX 2009, Nokia 8310 & N8, and Samsung SGH-P940.