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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two Sore Thumbs

Oh yes, the pain continues ... but this time it is actually brought on by the pleasure of playing this new PSP game I just bought over CNY: Dissidia - Final Fantasy.

I've always been more a Marvel Comic fan/geek than Japanese anime but Final Fantasy - thanks to Amano's Fantastic original illustrations - is just super cool. Nevermind about the storylines (utterly confusing), the characters created for the series just look great! I was introduced to the series a couple of years ago when a friend told me I should try the Crisis Core game. It's a RPG thingie and the graphics are just stunning. It is definitely one of my favourite games of all time but the problem is that I get REALLY tense-up when I play ... my mom once thought I was having an epileptic fit on the sofa when I was fighting one of the bosses. You see, I am pretty shite with these "fight games" ... my brain-fingers coordination is close to non- existence, I keep pressing the wrong bottons (then again, you are required to remember sequences like o x L+/\ R+ [] x o for just ONE MOVE, I mean, for f***'s sake!) and when I DO press the right ones, it's always too late ... AND for some stupid reason, I can never leap from A to B without falling in the gap in between ... anyway, that's why I get SUPER TENSE when I play. I had to give up Crisis Core at the end because 1) I was playing a Japanese version and half the time I didn't know what was going on (had to keep going back to the English Walkthrough) and 2) I really thought I'd pass out one day because my shoulder/neck muscles were so hardened they were blocking blood circulation to my brain. But here we are, I have now spent several days playing Dissidia and am having a ball. The game appears to be a bit easier, gameplay is really fun and the artwork is just amazing.

I guess I can counter my PSP playing with more yoga ... oh, forgot to mention about the weekend workshops that I took several weeks ago ... well, I've always thought the instructor was pretty cool - until I saw him teach ... he talked a lot, which was actually not an issue but he was, like, doing Standup ALL the time ... it would have been fun had he actually been funny but when he wasn't ... ahem, I was, like, WTF! So yeah, a bit disappointing.

But am still having fun in general ... the other day was pretty embarrassing though ... while the instructor told us to do pose A and I misheard him and thought he said do pose B ... so after I was in my pose for awhile I started hearing everyone laughing ... and there I was, with one leg up in the air in the middle of the studio while the rest of the class looked on ... BWAH!

Only mine doesn't look as impressive, like my face'd be completely on the floor for a start ...

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Pain Down the Left Bum

Sorry, too much information? But what a way to start the Year of the Tiger! The weather has been absolutely Gross: rain, rain and more rain, and that coupled with the dropping temperature, it spells arthritis, especially for those of us who are over 40 and over the hill ... I have this "injury" down my left lower back (around the buttocks area) some years ago ... I put injury in " " because I never knew what actually caused it and whether it was an injury but for several months, I couldn't walk without having to crouch (very mainland) every 10 steps to relieve the intense pain. The strange thing was,  I kinda just woke up one day with it. I went to an acupuncturist, chiropractor, Shaolin "bone pusher" etc and nothing worked. Then one day, I went on this junk trip and after I swan to the shore (in breast stroke), I got to my feet and I felt ... just fine. The pain just disappeared. But whenever the weather gets damp and cold, I can feel the pain again - just a tinge. I can also feel it in some yoga poses (deep twists).

Hmm, my lai see tally appears equally miserable, THREE so far! Mind you, as a single person (over 40 and over the hill), it is getting highly embarrassing to receive these "red pockets", especially from colleagues who are much younger but married, because I should be the one giving them out(!) The ultimate question is: why are you STILL single? In other words, why are you A FREAK? 

 Chinese New Year, what a pain in the ass...