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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Lull in Games-land

Though Persona Dancing All Night (a rhythm game for P4G fans like me) was released last week, it's in Japanese and it looks like the gameplay is not much fun without understanding the story; so I'll probably have to wait until the English version, which won't be released until September/October. 

Kanji Forever!!!

In the meantime, there isn't much out there that really interests me right now. Have played Sword Art Online Lost Song a bit more but all this hacking and slashing is getting a bit tedious. Super Robot Wars Z would have been lots of fun ~ if only I could understand Japanese and all the conditions that I'd need to meet in order to win SPs ... It'd also be great to understand all the special moves, skills and abilities of the myriads of robots... that really doesn't leave me much of a choice but to ... go back to my Yu-gi-oh game on my GameBoy Advanced *LOL* Yes, have revived my old handheld (bought a new battery for it) so will pick up where I left off with this game, like, 10 years ago?!? 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Having played Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, which I never quite got into (not yet), I bought Lost Song anyway because I really like the anime-style graphics this series presents. It's your classical hack & slash game (which, again, not really my thing) but the gameplay is simple enough it's quite a good time killer. The music is pretty good too. Surprisingly, I'm enjoying Lost Song a lot more (despite it being a smaller game with less content I am told) than Hollow Fragment because 1) we can fly around, over the vast map and 2) I can use magic!!! The combat/ battle system is quite complicated and not so easy to grasp at the beginning but once that is mastered, the gameplay really is a lot of fun. Here are a couple of screen caps (not sure about those elf ears...): 

Family album: Asuna, Yui and Kirito
Sinon, Kirito and Asuna
This is my fav track from Hollow Fragment: