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Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Blink and it's almost the end of another year. And, believe it or not, I have gone back to playing Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire *argh* I have no idea WHY -- maybe because I like the FFXV lore? -- but despite being terribly cheated/conned/swindled by the greedy developer who reset the game in April, and therefore wiped clean what I'd spent on the game, I'm drawn back to it ... cos it now has a better gameplay/mechanics. Though still after players $$$ at least it is now possible to progress in the game without having to fork out $$$ just to catch up. The dev seems to have found a balance between satisfying their main clients (or whales, who can drop US$1,000 without thinking) and free2play (like me). Since I started playing the game again I did spent several hundred dollars but that I am okay about ... they just better not reset everything again next year. 

How are they going to take the game forward is everyone's guess since they seem to have exhausted every character in the original game -- the latest hero is a dog! But since I'm now in a new guild (the old one had v sadly dissolved) and there are several whales around (they pay so I don't have to) I'm quite happy to stick around for a bit longer. Besides, I seem to have pretty much caught up with the mid-tier players anyway so I can lower the protective shield without the fear of being OHKOed... 

Meanwhile, have bought a couple of new games for my Switch: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and The Witcher 3... I wish I'd known about the latter being ported to the Switch so I'd have waited on getting the former. Neither game is easy to get into first but am playing the Witcher game now, which looks really interesting -- though will need a guide cos right now am not sure what I should be doing (as I like to do lots of sidequests -- hence I am still in chapter 2 in Final Fantasy XV !!)