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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Unfortunately the new A Thief's End is only available on PS4 and not PSVita ... the graphics is amazing, as is the animation. And Nathan Drake is back! Yeah! My introduction to this franchise is actually through a spin-off, a card game called Fight for Fortune, which received so-so reviews when it was released some years ago but I think is actually one of the best card games on the Vita (not that there are many!) I played it for awhile then put it down (there are all these bonuses you get if you'd played Golden Abyss, which I didn't, and I thought I'd never be able to beat the game ...) well, actually, that's not true cos I still managed to beat the first and second campaign and am now on the last one and am really enjoying it ...

Well, when the AI is NOT cheating!!! I got really angry several times (#RAGEQUIT!) cos the AI was getting all the best cards while I drew all the ********* shite ones ... it was infuriating! So I had to rage quit a few times (the box under my desk got kicked so violently ...) but there were times when the AI was so, like, dumba** and I beat it no problem. 

Anyway, back to Uncharted... I really like its big cast - heroes, villains and mercenaries - and they really should make a movie out of this title (oh, I think they have) and Jennifer Aniston should play Elena Fisher! But who should play Nate?


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Super Robot Wars Z3 Tengoku-hen

Okay, have decided to give this game another go. This is (supposedly) the last of all the Super Robot Wars titles after all. Since, like Ao sen no Kiseki, I have a physical guide for the game, I'll try to understand its superbly complicated system: like how to power up, how to exploit stats during battles, how to deploy my team of robots on the map and so on. While I am not too bothered with the story (I'm not a Robot/ Gundam fan) I really like its strategical gameplay, not unlike, Tactics Ogre, so will continue to study it... I love micro-managing *lol* Meanwhile, since I lost Nobunaga's Ambition Creation with Power Up Kit file after the ransomware attack, I will install that into my new 2000. Now I have to carry two PS Vita around all the time >.<!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

So Many Games on the Go

Now that I have two PSVita ^^ (bought the neo orange 2000 edition last weekend ~ yum) it's hard to decide which game to play first *lol* After Ao no Kiseki I've been drifting in and out of Atelier Escha & Logy (it's an okay game but not, like, gripping like Ao) and have just gone back to Super Robot Wars Z Tengoku hen (End of Heaven) though it's really hard to get into it cos gameplay is so complex and it's all in Japanese. Which is a big shame cos this really is one of those games I can really get my teeth into: turn-based strategy!!! I love that.

I'm also enjoying Uncharted: Fight for Fortune the card game despite its shortcomings (like, I cannot organise my own deck) so basically how you do each fight is determined by the system/ AI since IT decides what cards I get and that's totally luck based. 

But I won't be going back to a handful of old favourites after the recent nasty, nasty, awful ransomware attack when I lost quite a number of files on my laptop: Persona 4 Golden (!) I simply won't restart from the beginning again. Lucky I still have Dancing All Night, and all my The Legend of Heroes games are intact (cos I didn't save them onto my laptop). All my Final Fantasy games are also on my Vita 1000. 

Okay, I have the "perfect bible" (strategy guide) for Super Robot Wars Z so might as well give it a read ... even though it's all in Japanese, with few illustrations >.<!