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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Super Robot Wars Z3 Tengoku-hen

Okay, have decided to give this game another go. This is (supposedly) the last of all the Super Robot Wars titles after all. Since, like Ao sen no Kiseki, I have a physical guide for the game, I'll try to understand its superbly complicated system: like how to power up, how to exploit stats during battles, how to deploy my team of robots on the map and so on. While I am not too bothered with the story (I'm not a Robot/ Gundam fan) I really like its strategical gameplay, not unlike, Tactics Ogre, so will continue to study it... I love micro-managing *lol* Meanwhile, since I lost Nobunaga's Ambition Creation with Power Up Kit file after the ransomware attack, I will install that into my new 2000. Now I have to carry two PS Vita around all the time >.<!

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