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Saturday, March 5, 2016

So Many Games on the Go

Now that I have two PSVita ^^ (bought the neo orange 2000 edition last weekend ~ yum) it's hard to decide which game to play first *lol* After Ao no Kiseki I've been drifting in and out of Atelier Escha & Logy (it's an okay game but not, like, gripping like Ao) and have just gone back to Super Robot Wars Z Tengoku hen (End of Heaven) though it's really hard to get into it cos gameplay is so complex and it's all in Japanese. Which is a big shame cos this really is one of those games I can really get my teeth into: turn-based strategy!!! I love that.

I'm also enjoying Uncharted: Fight for Fortune the card game despite its shortcomings (like, I cannot organise my own deck) so basically how you do each fight is determined by the system/ AI since IT decides what cards I get and that's totally luck based. 

But I won't be going back to a handful of old favourites after the recent nasty, nasty, awful ransomware attack when I lost quite a number of files on my laptop: Persona 4 Golden (!) I simply won't restart from the beginning again. Lucky I still have Dancing All Night, and all my The Legend of Heroes games are intact (cos I didn't save them onto my laptop). All my Final Fantasy games are also on my Vita 1000. 

Okay, I have the "perfect bible" (strategy guide) for Super Robot Wars Z so might as well give it a read ... even though it's all in Japanese, with few illustrations >.<!

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