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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Yoga Teacher Certificate

YEAH!! I've completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and am now a certified yoga teacher!! On the last day of the course I held a headstand, away from the wall, for five minutes!! That was quite a thrilling experience ...

Now I will have to find a mentor and keep practising and keep practising and keep practising ...Abhyasa !!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New (Year) Entry

Happy New Year!!! I often wonder if people still blog! Just noticed my last entry was back in November ... and part two of my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is already fast approaching (mid-January). At least I've done my written homework this time: 1) a presentation on our understanding of a Yoga Sutra verse, and 2) answers to nine questions related to The Bhagavad Gita. However, I've been less successful with the daily meditation (oh, don't ask) and the weekly 30-minute practice (don't ask either). Needless to say, I cannot hold my headstand for more than a couple of minutes, let alone five! Though I have been teaching the one-hour sequence once a week. 

It's hard to tell whether I'll be certified as an instructor (not dead!) after the training but at least I've put some effort into it. What's more, it's really, really been great to meet fellow yogis from all walks of life, some of whom have become good friends. And it's great to be able to put aside BS in our professional lives (mine has been one roller coaster ride in 2014) to concentrate on something we all like and enjoy. 

Yesterday we went outside and practised under the sun -- it was a glorious experience. The sheer joy we shared is hard to express in words but suffice to say we had a bloody jolly good time. Then the champagne was popped and we laughed, we chanted and, well, drank until we got kicked out by another party *lol* (It was kinda embarrassing cos I was still semi-sober). This coming Saturday we'll meet again for another practice session - ahead of our teacher training - so hope the weather stays nice and brilliant. 

I'll post more images here ... but after five years of (occasional) blogging, I think I will slowly wind this blog down (I notice my cousin Grace, who inspired me to start this blog in the first place, is doing the same)... it's like, with other mediums like Line, WeChat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitters, Google+ and, of course, Facebook, it's easier to record and share moments/ memories with others more immediately, and readily. Blogging appears to be something of the last decade. Anyway, will go with the flow and if I do come across anything that worth writing about, will continue to post here. 

Elsewhere on Tech-land and Game-land, I've bought the new Blackberry Classic to replace my old, faithful and reliable Bold 9900 (actually, I wish I didn't upgrade it but I guess we have to move with times...); and while having dabbled with a host of Vita games, I'm returning to play Final Fantasy IV - The Complete Collection. Bought the latest Gundam game (Breaker 2) but hack and slash is so NOT my thing!