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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Pinched Nerve

OUCH! I think I've finally located the source of that pain in my neck (see last post): a pinched nerve close to my left shoulder blade. I'm quite certain of that because whenever I turn my neck in a certain way, I get this numbness running dowm my arm. Not good. Worse, it means I may have to give up PSP-ing (just like some people have to give up eating peanuts)... and I shall NEVER find out what Aya Brea wears underneath her torn combat suit !! !! !!

Have to say yoga DOES help alleviate the pain a little ... but, tonight, I was distracted by other pains of other kinds when my instructor first tried to get me into a split then, in the evening's second class, pushed my hips down towards the floor when I was in that hip-opening frog pose ... I thought my pelvis was going to split into halves. I walked out of the class feeling [like Mr] Fantastic ...

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