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Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Update

Long time no write! Have been quite busy working (went to Beijing for a weekend), gaming (have now reached the final - and the most complicated - chapter in Tactics Ogre - LUCT) and correcting (spinal curvature via chiropractic treatment, yoga and acu-pressure massage). Last night's Yin class was a little unsatisfactory because most of the poses I couldn't really do (any asana that requires spread-out legs and folding is a no-no because of a lack of flexibility), that coupled with a stuffy studio I actually walked out in a bad mood, which wasn't good (and very rare).

But so much forward to look forward to in the coming week: I'm joining a two-day Ashtanga workshop the coming weekend with Clayton Horton and will be giving a talk on my yoga practice at the Fringe Club next week ... hope it will be a blast...

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