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Friday, August 17, 2012

A Reality Called Death

MSN has a story today about this young lad who has leukemia and had recorded his last video blog hours before he died ... I won't post it here cos it's quite upsetting ... but not so long ago, a local celebrity also posted a video of herself before she died of a terminal illness. 

Death is now brought to our computer screens, courtesy of modern IT and the growth of social media. Without saying it's right or wrong (don't think it's either), what this trend does is it makes us think more about the inevitable (oh, last posting I said end of the world was October, but maybe it's December...) and how people react and deal with this. Responses to the MSN clips, mostly from the US, are deeply religious, with ample of references to God. I take a more scientific approach to death; i.e. when something dies, it dies (oops, I am actually a Roman Catholic since I was both baptised and confirmed). I tend to think it's just a "return" to the state of nothing; after all, when I didn't exist, I was, well, nothing so we all kinda "been there" before. But I have to admit it's quite a overwhelming thought to think that there is no more tomorrow, no more friends and family, no more songs and movies ... just no more. But it's the reality and, as there is a Chinese saying that goes, "there is no banquet goes on lasts forever" ... and everything, everyone will come to an end one day.

That's what I find "staying in the presence" in my yoga practice very, well, practical in that, it reminds me to just enjoy the Now ... because that makes living that bit more "meaningful", at least, to myself. So when the time comes, before the brain switches itself off and that one final breath, I'll think, Ahh, that was one wild ride and it was fun.

Talk about Fun; have switched back to my Nexus cos Everyone seems to be using a Samsung phone these days (Galaxy S III) ... I just feel I'm not using the social media apps enough (my friends' Instagram photos are SO interesting!) ... so will have to take more "Now" snaps ...

Oh, just saw this "drop test" for the iPhone and S III (I own neither) on YouTube ... poor phones, brand new one minute and dead the next ...

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