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Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Miscellaneous Posting

Have reached the final boss in Natural Doctrine but think will play some other games now. Apparently with ND, the end of first playthrough will take me straight to New Game, with nothing being carried over (yikes!), there is no way I will grind for those accessories and weapons again. I've done quite well in unlocking some goodies so I think I will pause right here. Have the say the game design is a bit naff ... why give us these accessories and weapons so late in the game while you can't really use them? And why can't we carry them to NG+? Anyway, can either return to Final Fantasy X-2 HD, which I still haven't finished, or continue with Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, which is extremely slow moving (am still at the stage when all FIFTEEN characters are being introduced (before they get bumped off one by one). Weird game but it was one of the top games (in Japan) in 2013 ... so maybe will just keep playing it ... for the rest of this year LOL... am sure once the action starts it'll be interesting and gripping (like with Persona 4: the Golden, I hope).

Almost forgot, a friend has asked to help post this link, so here it is below ... sounds like a very interesting and meaningful project:

#Myanmar # Burma

I want to share our Myanmar project on the country’s ties to China (Patrick Boehler wrote and I filmed) with you as well as a little anecdote about our time there on assignment. 

It’s still unclear how dangerous it was but sometimes you have to insist on doing things when you are covering a story. This was a calculated risk.

Patrick and I wanted to go see the site on the Irrawaddy River where China was building Myanmar’s largest dam before construction was halted. Standing at the edge of the river across from the empty construction encampment, we asked around to see if anyone would take us. But, no one would responding that the area was off limits to non-locals.  And, they didn’t want to be seen with us if caught. With my darker skin tone, I could fit in, but I was holding a camera, filming. Patrick, on the other hand, would stick out no matter what so the locals offered him a hat.  Now, in a country like Myanmar, where the military ruled with an iron fist for decades until recently, you don’t argue too much when you’re told something is off-limits. But, we were in the middle of nowhere, and we just wanted to go just a little downstream to see what they had built so far. What could possibly go wrong? 

Eventually, we did find someone who would take us downriver, and as you can see in the link(s) below, the reporting trip was well worth it. You can watch it on any mobile and desktop device, and if you’re watching on Internet Explorer make sure it is about version 9. 

Direct link to project:

Shortlink for Twitter: 

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