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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another Pervy (?) Japanese PS Vita Game...


What's it with these Japanese video game developers? First it was that hidden "shower scene" in The 3rd Birthday. Then came "sexy time" in Valhalla Knights 3 when players have to "pleasure" the nightclub hostesses (i.e. "rubbing" various "hot spots" on the PS Vita screen) in order to have them join their team. Now, Monster Monpiece truly takes abusing your Vita to a new height:

Only the Japanese...
I like the way reviewers (mostly outside of Japan) boil this sort of gameplay down to "cultural differences" but what this really is is ... I dunno, Japanese gamers are quite pervy. But that is the thing, they also seem to like the sort of genre that I like (yes, what does THAT say about ME)!! So yes, I've downloaded MM mainly because this is one of the very, very few card battle games available on the Vita market and now I will have to "play" this, like, in the loo or something ... cos I CANNOT imagine me doing this to my Vita in public ... I mean, pleasuring the hostesses during my work commute was bad enough ...

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