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Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Thoughts on Yin Yoga

And this is a style of yoga practice that I'd like to explore more, not least because of its healing properties.

I've been having this pain (but only when I practise) running down from around the right side of my sacrum to the knee -- all thanks to my eagerness to do the splits -- and as a result, torn my hamstrings (more than once). The last time I "did it" was on the left side, also after I forced myself to do the splits (worse, in a hot room!) So for months, I have been having this pain lingering (like a clingy ex-lover) that refuses to go away. Honestly, my advice is, do NOT injure your hamstrings cos it does take months (yes, months) to heal.

And the only way to get better is to rest and try not to pull the injured spot again. I find Yin Yoga helps a lot because of the more gentle but persistent stretch that eventually "unlock" the tightness... just came across below, which I totally agree with...

Lucas Rockwood: Most modern yoga classes tend to be very athletic. Whether you’re doing Hot Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, or any other dynamic style, most of these practices involve a lot of muscular contraction, strength, and active movements. While you can (and will) absolutely develop flexibility in these classes, you’ll achieve much bigger gains doing passive “Gravity Yoga” or yin-style poses simply because your muscles, facia and connective tissues all stretch better when relaxed. The takeaway? If you’re working on your tight hips, supplement your athletic yoga practice with long-hold, deep stretching, passive poses at home before bed. It can make a world of difference.

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