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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yoga Teacher Training ~ Day Nine

Today is less satisfying and I wonder how many of my classmates really understood what was going on in the workshop on alignment principles. I don't think my team partner knew what he was doing and to be fair to him, I didn't have a clue either. 

But first, the day started off quite poorly cos I felt physically exhausted this morning (@ 4.30 am). Whether it's accumulated fatigue I'm not sure but I do think the course is taking its toll on me physically. I cannot help but wonder whether this programme is being physically tough just for the sake of it? At times I also feel like we are being treated like a bunch of school kids when all we (most responsible, mature adults) want to do is to learn more about deepening our yoga practice and having the discipline is only one of the many aspects. Yoga IS about discipline. Fine, we get it. Yoga is about having the right alignment ... and the discipline of keeping ourselves aligned, lot of hard work. We get that too. Now can we move on? We totally get it that our instructor is a serious yogi and he himself has pushed limits to better his practice. Well, good for him, but some of us are not as uncompromising (his own term) in our approach to our practice as he is in his. If that works for him great ... but kinda thrusting that down our throat is a different thing. I'm just a bit too old for that kinda ... cit. 

I do enjoy his teachings on, and interpretations of, the several yogic philosophies, with a focus on Tantric Yoga. All the stuff about divinity residing in all of us is fascinating and we can only catch our moments of "clarity" and "grace" through an aligned practice. I think that is what it means.

Anyway, gotta start revising (yes...) cos there is a test tomorrow, the final day of the first 100-hour teacher training programme. Am I thrilled? Hardly to be honest. And I thought yoga is supposed to release stress, not piling it on!

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