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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Persona 4 Golden Revisited

While waiting for the release of Dancing All Night (Persona 4 crew returns for a rhythm game, yeah!) in June (Japanese version), I recently picked up P4G again (after maybe a year?) and continued with my third playthrough. Interesting that, previously, I focused too much on the protagonist (his build and those of his personas) I neglected the other supporting team members (now I realise their builds aren't that great). Luckily I'm still in that part of the game where I can make changes so while Yu has some of the best personas available (and I'm on course to unlock Magatsu Izanagi - yeah! - since this is the whole point of my third playthrough), 

This is one phallic looking persona...

I have now given Yukiko, Kanji and Naoto a much better setup. I've bumped up Yukiko's fire attacks even though I missed the chance to get her the Mind Charge bike skill (boo-hoo). But since I use her mainly to heal it's not too bad. She is still a decent fire attacker. Kanji I've dropped his electricity skills and made him a solely physical attacker (Power Charge, yeah!). I love the way his attacks come with the "faint" buff. While Naoto I've now given her ice attack on top of her ohko skills, which will come in handy during boss fights. The others -- Yosuke, Chie and Kuma -- I haven't used much in this playthrough so far but will probably level them up towards endgame. I'm at the point now where I'm about to enter the forest dungeon, in search for Marie. Though it's actually skippable but I might as well have some fun with that. I think I've done everything I wanted before the unlocking of Magatsu Izanagi. I'm also on course to unlock ultimate boss Elizabeth, and for the Golden true ending, I maxed all of the social links that matter. This will be my last playthrough of the game. I really cannot wait the release of Dancing All Night!

Elsewhere, on tech-land, I've been using the new LG Aka phone (the one with eyes!) which is okay. Needless to say, it's a toy phone so it's fun to have something that looks a bit different (mine is in yellow for a start!) Sony Xperia Z is still the best though, in terms of camera image quality. I'm keeping it as a spare (and for when it rains, since it's water proof).

Yoga practice still fun. But I think my instructor (whose teacher training programme I took) was suggesting that I should go to his tougher classes more so I won't "get crushed" ... for some reason my legs were really tired when I took his morning class (7am!) last Wednesday and I got, well, crushed. But getting up so early for a class is not something that I'd like to do on a regular basis ... what to do?!?

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