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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Magatsu Izanagi & Izanagi no okami

Just came back from a trip to Toronto and am glad I brought my PSVita along ... the flights there and back are quite long (around 15 hours each way) so perfect opportunity for endless hours of mindless grinding LOL. I've finally unlocked Magatsu Izanagi in Persona 4 Golden and about to unlock Izanagi no okami too. Since I'm now near the end of my third playthrough, I'll use these two versions of Izanagi to fight the final two bosses, which I look forward to. Though I don't have the "perfect" setups for my team (that's kinda arbitrary anyway), I think I will manage...

I know Yukiko can have Mind Charge (magic boosting) but I missed those bike rides so I cannot max her fire magic damages but close. My Kanji and Naoto should be close to perfect (if not perfect); Kanji's ability to confuse is great for farming those Golden Hands, and Naoto has Hamaon and Mudoon spells as well as Megidolaon. I don't use Yosuke/Chie/Teddy after first playthrough cos I really like Kanji and Naoto more. And I think Yukiko is a better offensive + healer than Teddy. 

Which leaves Yu, the protagonist. In order to clear all the persona slots to create Izanagi no okami, I have "deleted" Helel (since Magatsu Izanagi is now the Golden Hand killer); Ishtar (well, I don't need a healer with Hamaon/Mudoon spells); Black Frost (end game I can just buy items for elementary damages and to escape dungeon); Kaguya (again, no need for Hamaon/Mudoon spells); and Narcissus (for buffing/ debuffing). I might just keep the very last persona just for fun. The question is how to build the two Izanagis? At the moment, my Magatzu Izanagi deals both physical and almighty damages (have decided not to make it physical only) and I'm likely to use Izanagi no okami as magic damage dealer + healer. I'm looking forward to setting these two up...

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