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Monday, February 8, 2016

A Very Nasty Virus

What a way to end the Year of the Goat last night when my laptop was attacked by this really nasty virus/ malware "HELP_RECOVER" ... what that does is it encrypted almost all my document, music, photo and video files, thus rendering them unreadable & useless. Just as well I don't keep that much important stuff on my laptop and most of which I don't mind losing. Still, it basically destroyed most of my files!! Worse, the virus planted 10,000+ viral files onto my laptop, which took me a couple of hours to delete them all (thank goodness for universal search!) 

It was so annoying because whenever I restarted the computer all these fake screens popped up. It was a real nightmare. So I downloaded two (free) software programmes that contained the malware virus (very grateful) before I killed the planted files.

Luckily they didn't reach my cloud accounts (touch wood) cos that'd have been quite a disaster.

Year of the Monkey has started so hoping a healthy year ahead for my laptop !!!    

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