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Monday, June 20, 2016

Stranger of Sword City (Part 3)

Yeah! My team has reached Level 13 so will be able to class change. But should I place two party members in the infirmary to recover their lost life point/ heart. Maybe this is what I will do while level grind for the others (to a level so they can class change too):

* change Knight (Loki) to Cleric, then place him in infirmary, level 6;
* keep Dancer (Pixie) as is, then place her in infirmary, level 13;
* change Samurai (Diana) to Ninja, level 6;
* change Ranger (Orlando) to Wizard, level 6;
* keep Fighter (Godot) as is, level 13;
* keep Wizard (Saruman) as is, level 13 

This is such a major undertaking ^^

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