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Friday, March 10, 2017

A Tale of the Pink Tail

This is, like, totally INSANE.

Hello Princess!

So having recently picked up Final Fantasy III (downloaded onto iPad1 awhile ago) -- I am going though my FF phase -- I decided to revisit FFIV since FFIII became a bit grindy just to level up (little did I know!) 

Anyway, having got all the top gears for my characters (was around level 50-60 then), I noticed I could try farm the legendary "pink tail", which can be exchanged for the game's best equipment, the Adamant Armour. I knew it is a super rare drop but not THIS RARE! Literally hundreds of battles (killing those Flan Princesses), zillions of gils, and many levels later (Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa and Edward all @ level 99 or close to), still not one pink tail in sight. This is the BIGGEST grindfest since Tactics Ogre!!! I've levelled so much I can take on those flans without losing any HPs (which is great cos I can save MPs on healing) ... still, how many more auto-battles (thank god this HAS auto-battles) do I have to sit through before getting this item???

I've just stocked up for more mindless grinding, so I now have thousands of Sirens that I farmed earlier (need them to summon the Flan Princesses) and TONNES of elixirs (for Rydia to summon Bahamut/ mega flame) to grind until my PSVita (or me) blows up ...

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