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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whole load of Bollocks

Mumbo Jumbo, Hocus Pocus ...

OR is it?

Susan Miller is an astrologer. A pretty spooky one when it comes to that. A few of my friends kind of swear by her monthly predications because they have been known to be pretty accurate. As someone who believes in psyche powers - oh yes, I think once I actually WILLED someone to call me all the way from Taiwan! - I also read her predictions - but ONLY when I remember ...

And I remembered a couple of days ago and ... uh-ho ... I think I am in for a rollercoaster ride this month:

According to Ms Miller, my career "will be on fire from June 6 to July 29". Now, I am not sure what she means by that exactly ... is she saying my career is going to take off (have to warn colleagues not to stand too close to me in case I burst into flames since I am SO HOT, man!) OR does she mean my career is going to go up in smoke?

There is more ...

(Bad news?)

"Speaking of salary, at the end of this month, June 26, we have a monster of a lunar eclipse that astrologers have been watching for several years as it approached. I will give you as much information as possible so that you can get ready for it. This eclipse will be difficult for a number of reasons."

Please Ms Miller, do tell more ... 

"I feel duty bound to tell you - I hope I am wrong. If you have a woman client, she may be leaving."

This is very, err, intriguing ...

"One source of income may now end, and you will need to brace for this possibility. All month, keep your eyes open for new sources of income that you can apply for and get. The full moon lunar eclipse on June 26 will set events in motion."

This is SO depressing ... sounds like I will be unemployed by the end of this month ... but, OH ...

"If you are single and have not found anyone to date in a long time, you now have your best chance - ever - to meet The One this month. Once Jupiter (luck, happiness) enters fellow fire-sign Aries on June 6, to join Uranus (surprise) on June 8, you are about to hit the jackpot in love. These two stellar planets, now in your house of true love and together for the first and only time in your life, will likely trigger a very electric meeting. Venus will help, too, by touring fellow fire-sign Leo from June 14 to July 10. All Sagittarius birthdays will feel that the tide is turning to your favor, but those born near November 22 will be doubly lucky. (Everyone else will get their chance when Jupiter comes back to Aries in January 2011.)"

Let's face it, who needs a (boring) job when LOVE is just around the corner? Then again, who believes in all this crap anyway?!

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