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Thursday, May 27, 2010

This and That (Part 1)

Hurrah! Tracey Thorn (of EBTG) has a new album out!!!

The news songs are, of course, as depressing as ever ...


Just came back from a v short overseas (work) trip - in bankrupt Europe. We stayed in the sleepy city (town?) of Brussels. So sleepy I managed a 15-hour uninterrupted sleep marathon the day/night before I took the flight out. It was rather glorious, actually.


Facebook. I'm not on it. There aren't that many "faces" out there I want to connect/network with and vice versa. To get a scale of my online popularity ~ I am with a UK-based website called Friends Reunited and the number of Friends I have: ONE. Yes, ONE. And this is someone I went to school with when I was 12. We went to a different college after our O Levels then met up again, years later, at University. I guess this is a frienship that's worth keeping ...


Just Googled self ... this week I'm being relegated to Page 2! I used to be on the First Page!!! What's happening to my life?!?

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