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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Yoga Talk

It's been a full week since I've been off the mat so I'm looking forward to returning to it tomorrow, first with the Perfect Human Specimen for a Hatha 1 class, then Power 1 with Mister M who is also one of my favourite teachers. I will try to observe my every move with my "inner eye" -- now that I'm reading these two anatomy (in yoga practice) books I bought from the Asian Yoga Conference (yogis attend AYC to learn, I attend it to shop).

This is what the Perfect Human Specimen would look like in an illustration

Anyway, this is all very interesting. Having practised yoga for two years I've become extremely sensitive to my body and what's going on inside. So, say, whenever I do a spinal twist, I become very conscious of how deep I am twisting and whether I could twist more with better breathing ... and if I cannot go deeper I want to know why: very tight hamstrings, adductors, rotators etc. What is even more interesting is that I used to be totally crap in biology and I cannot believe I am now spending money on books on human anatomy. 

But time to get some rest ... another busy day tomorrow! 

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