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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Serious Twisting

Phew! Just came back from two yoga classes ... very fulfilling and energising. By coincidence, both sessions this evening focused on spinal twisting and, if done properly, these poses can help loosen up the body. My twists aren't very deep and tonight I tried to go deeper - and sweated like a piggie along the way. Thanks to both the Perfect Human Specimen and Mister M - they helped me twist that little deeper - I was able to enjoy the benefits of these poses (am feeling great right now). The "problem" is that I am not flexible enough to twist deeply by myself. As I twist -- either while lying down (easiest), in a lunge (a bit harder) or sitting down (the most difficult), I meet a lot of resistance even with regulated breathing and it feels like my fat tummy is in the way, or my shoulders are too tight, neck too stiff etc. Hopefully with help from the instructors I'll be able to twist a bit deeper by myself in the future. We also did a couple of forward folds, with legs spreading wide while sitting down.

Flat on the ground

It's IMPOSSIBLE! I don't think I can achieve that in this lifetime ... maybe the next. Anyway, am going to be off the mat again for about a week -- just as well as my gouty left foot is still hurting a little. Actually, I don't think it is gout as a large Bruise has begun to appear tonight ... I think I actually injured myself while shopping for a phone for a colleague!! All that walking!! 

Will head for bed now ... and perhaps do a few more twists before lights out.

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