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Friday, July 9, 2010

Not Much To Say But ...

OMG, the nagivation button on my ailing PSP has fallen off ! :o( I wonder if it is fixable. If not, then I may have to get a new and cheap (Made in China) one, which probably won't last as long (as my Made in Japan machine, which is 10+ years old). I know, being Chinese I should be patriotic and support all things "Made in China" but in doing so, am I also kinda supporting labour exploitation (think Foxxcon suicides, especially before you consider buying the iPhone 4G... think long and hard!) ... but what 4G anyway? It's still a 3G phone, Mr Jobs!!

Anyway, talk about phones, went mad and bought TWO obsolete (but not-so-cheap since they are out of prodcution) phones last weekend, which was obviously a mistake.

Weird looking phones (7600 above, 7280 below)

But what can one do when the urge to buy takes over one's entire brain, leaving no/very little room for logic or rationality. Of course I regreted the moment I bought them ... and with the eBay purchase, that regret is gonna come back to haunt me this weekend when the product arrives. With the Nokia 7600, it didn't even last more than one day before it started to play up. Made in China no doubt. And sold it already. The 7280, I previously owned three (!!), has not arrived but it is likely to be a US/European edition which means it would be Made in Finland (if I am "lucky") but cannot read Chinese.

So, all that dosh wasted ~ it could have gone to paying a couple more extra private yoga classes!! So have decided not to look at a phone website for, well, maybe another fortnight.

In the meantime, here is one of my instructors - the Perfect Human Specimen - I told a fellow classmate, if we were to be invaded by some extraterrestrial beings and that they needed to abduct us as samples, I would scream Take Him, Take Him!!! 

(In real life he actually looks less like a piece of wax work ...)

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