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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two Fewer Phones

Phew! Finally decided to scale my mobile phone "collection" down to three (including the one for work). The problem with mobiles is if you don't use them often enough, they break down and then they become an environmental issue. Also, this morning I heard on the radio the plight of people living under the poverty line and a huge sense of guilt washed over me: these people don't even have enough money to take a bus ride and here I am, squandering on things I don't even need/use.

So, I sold the Nokia 5800 (quite a decent phone but I don't see myself using it in the near future) and the LG "Lollipop" (which was just a, err, toy). I do still have the Blackberry Bold (for work and I got that from the service provider for free), Nexus One/Googe Phone (see earlier blog entry, a nifty piece of gadget) and the Nokia 7280 (also see earlier entry, so stylish ~ when it works ...) Perhaps one day I will just have one phone, like normal people do.

After selling off the phones, I went to my two yoga classes this afternoon. Lawrence (see my Freedom Yoga link), is the instructor I've had, on and off, for a couple of years. He is very different in that yoga is more than just a practice for him but also a way of expression and I find that idea quite novel (he is also quite particular on how mats should be laid out in the room ... he is definitely a Virgo). Lawrence is also more fun than, say, the Perfect Human Specimen. But he is also leaving the studio the coming week so I thought I'd drop into his last classes ... and had such a great time! The first class was "Yin Yoga", which was a very calming, introspective and meditative practice. Lawrence played this beautiful soundtrack and I felt like I was in a (Korean) film! That was followed by "Hot Flow", a more dynamic class in a heated studio. That was fun too and I walked out of it sweating like a pig -- even after I showered -- and all the way to the underground. But what I great way to spend a (lazy) Sunday afternoon!! The good news is Lawrence is not leaving HK so I can still take classes with him when he goes independent.

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