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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Question Hovering Over My Head (3)

I love Tech. And I love Yoga. But take ME out of this equation, can the two be related or connected in any way?

(EW, did I sound like Carrie in Sex and the City just now?)

I stumbled into some answers today. I was reading this (excellent) quarterly called Namaskar (it's "a voice for the yoga community of Asia) and there is this (excellent) piece titled "The Art of What is Needed" written by this yogi called Paul Dallaghan. He was saying (me summerising here) that sometimes we take/have more than what we need.

How very true. I, for instance, once had, like, six phones. Oh yes, and the last time I checked I only have one pair of ears. That coupled with the fact I don't really have THAT many friends, I have no idea why I ended up with so many phones other than the fact I am totally obsessed with them. I just like pressing buttons I guess. To give you some idea, I think since 1994, I have owned/used more than 100 phones of various models (I am known to my friends and colleagues as Dr Phone). I know there are people out there who don't use mobiles and I have friends who have stuck to the same phone for a long time. But hey, if Imelda Marcos can have Zillions pairs of shoes, what is 100+ phones over, err, 16 years? I am not a freak!

Anyway, this Paul bloke was saying "give away all things you do not use or need anymore, now see how light you feel." Actually, he went on to say "even more effective in healing, but perhaps harder to achieve, is letting go of the ideas, prejudices and past hurts we hold on to." Okay, he is not exactly talking about phones but I can see how the principle behind might work for me. So, today I packed up three of my five phones, sold two and gave one away. Okay, I kinda went into this ohmygodwhathaveidone panic mode for several minutes but gradually, I felt light -- just as the yogi had said. Also, why hang onto to so many worldly or material things? If I were to drop dead tomorrow, would I be able to take any of them with me? No, sir!

So that was the first (profound) connection I discovered between yoga and tech today.

The second connection was discussed during a yoga session with my (excellent) instructor this afternoon: we can all use Tech to promote Yoga. To go back to the (excellent) iPad again ... there are now Apps, but not many, that help people learn about yoga and they, in turn, help us share our knowledge and experience ... it is perhaps an area that I think I should be looking into??

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