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Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Astonishing Demo

Not for the faint-hearted ... here is the thigh-slapping master yogi Shiva Kumar who teaches at the studio where I practise ... NOW I understand why his classes are so tough and his teaching kinda ... strict: this is SERIOUS yoga and, yes, the result of years of determination, dedication and endurance ...

(This Video was taken by me at a members only event for this blog)

Note (if you can see the details ... this vid is a little low-res) how the master controls his breathing in order to make room for anatomical expansion and lengthening -- his extremely flexible spine is very straight and de-compressed at all time, observe his forward folds and bends. His joints are obviously very loose and strong at the same time :o0 What a totally inspiring performance (to watch, that is ...I am still staying well away from his classes though ...)

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