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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Moments to Remember

Autumn. That's when this city is at its best. The humidity is gone, the air is (slightly) more fresh and everything just seems a little bit more clear, a little bit more in focus. So why haven't I been feeling too great lately? The past couple of weeks I've had a couple arthritis attacks :'( , a bout of food poisoning (or just tummy reacting terribly to yummy Indian curry) and humming lower back pain.

Fortunately, I have been able to continue with my yoga practice, which nourishes not only the physical but also the spiritual. My one-on-one classes with instructor Lawrence are getting more and more enjoyable and fascinating because the body and mind is constantly being tested. Each breath and each move is filled with awareness and purpose, and the vocabulary he uses helps to bring so much colour to the practice it often feels like I've been on a journey by the end of a session. I'd practised to the sound of raindrops and noises of the busy city. These are rich, poetic moments that I shall always remember. And today, I "got" (fluked?) one pose that I thought was not possible, which is just a very, very satisfying bonus.

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