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Monday, December 27, 2010

An Anniversary

So it's been a year since I started blogging and the experience's been both interesting and tedious. Interesting because there were times when I really wanted to record an event or a thought then I'd just drop in here and write it down. What's more, I find the idea of sharing my thoughts/ideas etc with other people - friends and strangers -from around the globe pretty novel. Tedious because I didn't/don't really have that much to say (seriously!) I guess that's because, unlike many bloggers, I am not a particularly opinionated person: I don't have an opinion in everything or in anything in particular (I think). So (very) often in the past year I'd found myself unable to find anything (interesting) to write about/discuss while still having this need to keep the blog fresh and updated.

Anyway, here we are! 2010 has flown past so quickly it feels like only yesterday I watched the last Doctor Who Christmas Special. (This year's - titled "A Christmas Carol" - is a one-parter and it's pretty cool, with that new guy Matt Smith as the Time Lord.)

So what've been the highlights of the past 12 months?

1) I've continued to practise yoga and I think I'm more in tune with my body than ever before;
2) I've bought at least 10 phones - Google Nexus, Sidekick LX Midnight Blue, LG GD580 Lollipop x 2, Nokia 7300, Nokia 7280, N86 8MP, LG KF350 Ice Cream and Nokia N97 x 2 - and still have the last three
3) iPad is the Best Buy of the Year;
4) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part1);
4) I've proved myself to myself (I know, this one is weird but it's true);
5) I lost one pet dog and gained two;
6) There has been both love and disappointment.

So, all in all, not a year wasted. A theme, I think, also emerged from last year's blogging and it's about learning to let go and about letting go itself. It's hard but I shall continue to work on that in the coming year as I will be working on loosening those hips of mine!!

To all my readers: an early Happy New Year! 

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