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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A New Beginning

Don't know what I did right (or wrong) but the final boss battle of Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together was VERY EASY. When I finally reached the Hanging Gardens, the enemies were all at Levels 21-22 while my team was already edging Levels 30-31; and I thought they scale to the same level as my team (according to the game forums) ... maybe because I have members that were still in their Level 20s? Anyway, I took out the final boss in taxi ride!!! (When Kliana cast the Charm/Bewitched spell, it was awesome as the enemies just started killing themselves *chortle*) Only Deneb was knocked out briefly in the final battle ...

Anyway, I'm now in post-game mode and, apparently, I can time travel back and re-do some of the missions that will lead to different outcomes ... BUT there is this risk that I might ERASE some of the (more challenging) battle victories I already had so I'm approaching this part of the game ~ also know as CODA ~ with caution. Wow, what a game though!!!

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