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Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Game Breaks

Seriously, even though I'd completed the main story, the real game of Tactics Ogre seems to have just begun (in the so-called Coda section). Only now are my characters reasonably well-equipped (of course, they can do better with more upgraded equipment, but that's why I'm now trudging through the dreaded floors of Palace of the Dead ~ to farm for more special items). In fact, this morning I decided to re-do three floors cos I missed an important armor that'd help my characters teleport (those elusive Sidhe Shoes on Level 25) ~ the terrains of the battlefields are getting more and more tricky as I descend deeper and deeper into Hell and I will need as much special items as I can get to get around.

Found this on a discussion forum,
rather dark sense of humour ....
In the meantime, have been reading various discussion forums on this game and it's quite funny how the endgame (including a feature that allows "time travel") is confusing everyone. In fact, I'm still not sure how I'm going to unlock one final unique character but I think I'll give that one a miss since meeting a certain condition (of unlocking) means I might risk losing a good chunk of my game and I sure don't want to do that (not after spending 200+ hours on playing it!) Anyway, now I have a mainly mage team (magical powers appear to be more potent than melee attacks ... even the archers are no match for my powerful Shaman Sherri whose special summon power simply destroys -- okay, it was worth going through all that hassle to recruit her). And the Golem and Faerie just, as they say on games forums, "own".

I still find time to yoga, of course, and yesterday was a particular good day as, in the morning, I took a class with Anri, one of my favourite yoga instructors (a former professional ballet dancer), and she came over and adjusted me in this quite challenging pose (see below as illustrated by Anusara Guru Patrick Creelman). 

Very intense pose but one that really
opens up the hips

I was feeling quite stiff especially in the right leg (just very tight around the hip/knee areas) so when I did the pose on the right hand side, I could not bring my body down and my left hand barely touched my right foot. Over on the left hand side it was a completely different story; as my left hip has always been more "open" (something to do with the shape of my left hip socket perhaps), I was able to reach my right hand over, grabbing onto my left foot with ease. Anri then came over and helped me turn my torso more skywards and when she did that, I could REALLY FEEL the effects of this pose (all the stretching and twisting). I didn't turn as far up as the full pose (above) but certainly far enough for me to look up (albeit a little!) and I would never have done that by myself. 

After that I shared another yin practice with some friends and that was fun. One, in particular, has really stiff shoulders so will have to read up on asanas that might help her loosen them up a little ...  


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