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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Grinding (6)

So we are back on the grinding board ...but either I'm getting used to the tedious process or getting rather good at playing Tactics Ogre (after, uh-hm, 350+ hours), the grinding has gotten a bit easier. Just now I got myself a few exclusive weapons and magic scrolls from the San Bronsa Ruins. It's finally time to revisit the Palace of the Dead for some item hunting. With the Zephyros spear -- one of the four wind weapons -- I will be able to summon an exclusive boss in the PotD for the Crest of Fire (yeahh!)

But before heading back into that horrible dungeon, have to get my team sorted/prepared: 1) lots of mend and magic leaves/gems/exorcism scrolls etc and 2) to further power up my characters. Unfortunately, just found out I cannot scavenge skills from other classes -- boo-hoo -- meaning my rune fencer cannot learn the Ninjutsu skills, which would have been super cool. 

And the quest continues ...

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