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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tactics Ogre (Let Us Cling Together) ~ The Middle

Since the last entry I've managed to acquire more than 20 pieces of unique/rare weapons/items (BIG thanks to Col_Mobius and all the others who contributed to the Loot Spreadsheets on, making my latest run in Palace of the Dead worthwhile. So, despite of the shock of not seeing Blackmore on Floor 100  (and, therefore, no luck with the Crest of Fire *sob*), last week has not been a complete waste of time. But as said, at least this run has been a lot more speedy than the last.

So, the plan now is: 
* finish two more floors in the PotD;
* use the World Tarot to go back to end of Chapter I to embark onto the Law Route (I took the Chaos Route in my first playthrough);
Vyce Bozeck
* recruit Vyce at the end of Chapter III; 
* World Tarot to Coda (Chaos Route) ~ and will probably have to redo Episode III (the Rescue Lanselot mission) AGAIN in order to bring everything up to date;
* train Vyce up to around Level 40 so he will be as powerful as the rest of my team;
* finish Coda Episode IV (assuming the condition to unlock this final mission is to have Vyce on the team but not actually alive in the Warren Report ~ very complicated situation here that I won't even attempt to explain...);
* World Tarot to Law Route Chapter IV to unlock PotD there;
* go into PotD AGAIN to kill Nybeth the Necromancer;
* World Tarot to Coda (which, by now, is fully completed)
* enter PotD one last time (but this time can skip two thirds of the floors using the activated Palace Guides) to kill Blackmore on Floor 100;
* get Crest of Fire and the Ogre Set
* THE END (hopefully) 

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