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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Inevitable

Before I get to the topic of this entry, I'd like to say how awful this winter has been. I just keep getting sick. Nothing major but just getting this lingering cold. I think I caught the latest one from a colleague ~ yikes ~ which I then passed onto my dad. At least today my nose has stopped running and I hope, after a good night's sleep, I will feel better tomorrow. After all, I have two yoga classes booked for tomorrow night. Hamstrings situation seems to have improved; I can now bend forward without having pain in the upper back thigh (I must have torn my hamstrings when I tried to do the split around Christmas).

Okay, topic. Now, I've reached the final levels of the Phorampa Wildwood in my latest Tactics Ogre playthrough, I'm confronted with these two Heavenly/Divine Generals; one holding a one-hand sword, the other a hammer. Neither are exclusive. The question is: shall I keep one of them? Or save my one and only Heavenly Fork for a weapon that is actually worth having (like a dagger ...) While I am pondering this, I have actually reached an impasse. Cannot decide. Does this mean I'm finally done with the game after 722 hours?

Love this track right now

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