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Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Interesting Accident

In Tactics Ogre land, that is. As I was levelling up the rest of my team -- Jeunan is now a Terror Knight instead of Dragoon (to take advantage of the dark Dagda's Hammer Armour Set), Xapan the Berserker, Ophellia the Divine Knight, Kliana the Familiar and Irae the Iron Golem -- I stumbled across a skill that Rudlum the Lich has: he can apparently Zombie-fy! So he/I accidentally made Kliana a Zombie! Which is kinda cool cos the familiar can now resurrect three turns after she is killed. The whole thing is a bit like ... Dracula (!!!) Anyway, Kliana is now Rudlum's new sidekick and I think the two complement each other pretty well. However, the familiar cannot be levelled up ... it's like she will never grow old (like a vampire). How awesome is that?

In the meantime, I have scavenger-ed another generic's skills to make Rudlum more versatile; he can now use the Spellbook, making him a bit of a "Divine Lich". So the only two generics (characters that are NOT in the TO official story line) are Kliana and Irae. All the others were pretty crap/useless.

Now planning what to do next with my team ... should I re-do one of the routes or the Save Lanselot mission again?

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