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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another Short Break...

... from the mat, that is. No time to yoga this weekend (family obligations etc) but will return tomorrow for a "power" session with an instructor whose classes I haven't been able to take for months. I hope he has since changed the routine/flow of his classes cos they did get a little ...predictable.

I can now do the headstand (in the middle of the room) which I see as a little leap forward in my practice (the pose itself is good cos it's always good to have bloody flowing to the heart and head) and my next target is to be able to do the half split (don't think I'll  be able to perform the full split ~ ever!!!)

Over on the games-front, Soul Sacrifice is finally released but reviews keep saying the game, while having an interesting gameplay, is quite repetitive. I think I'll return to Final Fantasy Type-0, do a bit more grinding, before moving on any new game (maybe Final Fantasy X Remastered end of the year. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is not a bad fight game (esp Ironman 3 has piqued my interest in the comics again) but I'm TERRIBLE @ executing combo moves ... I really think you need to have a special brain to do that. Meanwhile I'm also half way through my third playthrough of Persona 4: the Golden, which is still fun but I think I need to take myself away from those social links (yikes) ...

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