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Saturday, August 31, 2013

So Much Depth in One Game

Though I've been revisiting Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together lately -- just to do a bit of fun role-playing but soon got a bit bored cos there isn't much strategy, let alone challenge, to speak of when I have all the exclusive weapons etc -- it's Final Fantasy Type-0 that I keep going back to. Not only am I not done with the game (even though am at the end of third playthrough, my highest level character, Machina, is only @ lvl 70) and am still way off to even attempt the Agito Tower/final dungeon ... I have still got all these Summons (or Eidolons) to level up.



My favourite summons being Astaroth (Diabolos class) and Firebrand (Ifrit class) at the moment ... with the latter particular good against ice-type monsters. However, I'm still studying their abilities ... and because they are only available during missions and take SO LONG to level up, it will take awhile for me to realise their full potential. Also, what a bummer I won't be able to exploit them in dungeons like the Agito Tower! 

Anyway, this weekend I will give self a bit of a rest ... before heading to Koh Samui next week (yeah!!) Was attempting the handstand away from the wall last week but because I wasn't fully engaging mt core, I felt flat on my back (quite literally) ... so think will get a haircut this weekend instead *haha* ... if I'm really up to it, then might go to a level 2 class tomorrow.

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