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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Core and Less Neck

To prepare for this Saturday's yoga workshop on inversion (with yogi couple Briohny & Dice), I took a Core class last night to start building up some inner strength. However, I must have done something wrong cos my Core is actually not that sore today but both sides of my Neck are very sore (!) So guess Where I've been exercising my muscles. 

It's hard not to engage the neck. Let's consider the image below...

In order to keep the upper body lifted off the ground, you need to engage, yes, the core muscles that wrap around the torso/trunk. However, you also need to look forward and keep the chin up ... so neck muscles are engaged even though your hands are also supposed to be pulling the head up (but the head is pretty heavy) ... so, hence you can imagine the neck can get pretty intense. I guess my problem is that (unlike the model above) my upper body/chest is not high enough (i.e not enough core strength) to ensure my head is looking ahead... I must bring my awareness to this the next time I practise.

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