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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Physical Limitations

Tonight I took my usual hot yoga class (a woman was carried out of the last class ... she looked like she'd fainted!) and did the best I could given I have arthritic knees :o( The block came in handy as I couldn't really bend my knees too deep. That coupled with my slightly warped hips I found some of the poses (which I could normally do) quite challenging. I did try the split again and I could do that (at least the half split) easily, sitting on the tall side of the block. But I have come to accept my limitations in my practice. Just as I've accepted that there are things in life that you can't really change and just have to let it be. 

This morning something really annoyed me at work and for a brief moment I thought I'd kick up a big fuss about it ... then I took a few deep breaths and thought: oh well, why fret? I decided not to take any action or do anything cos knew it would have been futile ... I actually feel good about my decision now cos I didn't work myself into a lather over something that, to be frank, is pointless.    

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