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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Mother of All Migraines

Oh yeah, she paid me an unwelcome visit last weekend and it really was paralysingly painful. It took not one but two Advils to numb the pain. I blame it on the weather/low pressure as this part of Asia enters the typhoon season. In fact, the recent crap weather really has much to answer for: both my knees took turns to swell (with arthritis) and then the migraine. All this, of course, meant I've been off the yoga mat for almost a fortnight (I did squeeze in a hot class on Monday, which was nice) ... but with my regular yoga instructor away, it doesn't look like I'll be taking many classes next week either.

However, must get back to regular practising soon as I'd signed up for a workshop by this (beautiful) couple called Briohny and Dice. At first I didn't want to sign up cos I knew I'd be just staring at these people (like, in awe of their presence as they are kinda, like, celebrities in the yoga world but since my friend is going and there will be quite a bit of partner work, I thought I'd just go and help out. Their workshop is made up of five sessions (over three days) but I'm only attending two (one one day). They will be inversion classes (bring those Core exercises on, baby!) which I quite like/enjoy. It really is a bit like training for the circus but the practice requires a lot of focus, balancing, control and inner calmness. So, something to look forward to next month. 

Meanwhile, much has been happening on VideoGames-land (while I was nursing swollen knees) ... I grind-ed big time on One Piece ... then kinda got bored. Went back to  Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Duodecim and got a bit deeper/further into the Labyrinth and Scenario 000 before I decided to take another (maybe long) break. Don't understand why I'm not getting any decent weapons. 

So I'm now back on Final Fantasy Type-0 (seriously, this is such an amazing game I have no idea why Square Enix won't localise it for the international audience)... anyway, discovered that Deuce (the flute girl) is close to invincible. When she plays her Concerto -- with her "avoid" skill active -- she attacks and protects at the same time, which keeps her HP high. However, all that dodging depletes her MP (even though I've already upgraded that skill to minimise MP consumption) ... but throw in Rem, then we have a winning double act, with Rem refilling everyone's MP with her Convert skill. The thing is I'm now at this horrible grind-y stage (really, so much grinding in the video games I play it's not funny...) where I'm not sure whether I should start my third playthrough soon (but still need to complete Chapter 8 -- without Rem and Machina ... which will be no fun at all). Will see how next week progresses. 

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