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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Some More Letting Go

This might sound trivial to many but I've decided to let go of some of the older video PSP games -- Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, Persona 4 -- which I've spent hours (TO close to 1,000) playing. But I need to free up some space in my memory card for new games. And some of these games just don't appeal anymore. 

But I'm really into the Final Fantasy series right now (am doing some serious grinding and farming in Type-0 after another quick foray into Dissidia: Duodecim 012 earlier) and will very likely buy FF X when its HD rework is released on the PS Vita later this year. Won't play FF IV and the After Years until I get my hands on a walkthrough (which I'm told I'd need if I was to make any good progress in it). I did have a walkthrough but I stupidly gave that away :o(

With Type 0, there are so many ways to play the game ... I started the game playing Ace, Machina and Rem (for thematic reasons cos they are, like, the main characters) but have also been trying out King, Deuce and now, Trey, Jack, Eight and Queen. What makes this such a great game is a lot of thinking (and I really mean a lot) has gone into making all 15 playable characters unique. I still have, like, six Class 0 warriors unexplored (their weapons just don't look as sexy ... I mean, swinging a mace?!?) but am sure will try them out at some point. But looking at the ones I have played:

Machina: He is, at the moment, the strongest guy ( @Lvl 65) on the team; he is such a powerhouse and by combining his Sword Field and Darkside basically he can attack and defend at the same time.

Deuce: I'm really re-discovering this flute girl; with dodging ability and her Concerto (which is long/short range and breaks enemy defence), she is basically invincible! And I proved it by taking her into a lvl 70 dungeon and she is the only one walking out alive, with her beautiful hair intact (but a very sore thumb pressing down on the triangle button). However, all that dodging really uses up her MP so ...

Rem: here is where Rem comes in as her main job is to re-fill the entire team with MP!!! She is apparently an amazing Mage, the strongest in the game, however since I still haven't learnt how to Magic Cancel, I'm not really using her correctly. I have been exploiting her Re-raise ability (to sacrifice then resurrect) though so I can spam Summons (Diabolo ~ WOW!!!) that can get the team out of some really sticky situations (like the final side mission in Chapter 7 where the dragon nest/egg needs to be destroyed). 

Trey: This is another cool discovery ... his bow & arrow can shoot Really far and he's a balanced weapon wielder and magic user. Can charge his shot while running. The only thing is I've been farming/grinding for his Rune Bow in Besunel Cave but Still No Luck. But he seems to be able to OHKO enemies, the only problem with him is that is not very good at closeup combat. 

Ace: He's always been reliable but I've only been using his Teleport cards ... never used his open deck so will explore that later.

King: Like Ace, he is always reliable and a great range attacker ... but he seems to be less interesting than Trey and his Never Give Up (re-raise) ability doesn't always seem to work. And I hate it when he has to reload his gun in the middle of a battle. But all in all, an easy character to play.

Jack: For closeup OHKO, Jack is the guy but the timing of his Kill or Break Sight/critical hit is kinda hard. Playing him well needs practice. And he limps and is slow. However, I have his mid-range katana, which is great.

Eight: Eight is another one who is quite hard to play ~ though his play-style is probably the most interesting ... given he has SO many moves! But not for anyone who gets confused with too many control button combinations.

Queen: She is powerful and potentially v interesting to play but haven't come round to really trying out her moves yet. But I tend to have quite a few exclusive accessories for her already so will probably use her to grind high-level dungeons later. 

I don't think I'd missed out anyone. So in terms of grouping, I think below makes sense:

Machina + Rem + Deuce: a powerful & perfect combo!
Trey + Jack + Eight: the lads are predominantly short-range, magic fighters
King + Ace + Queen: more a long range and no nonsense team...

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