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Sunday, September 28, 2014

All Things New

Having a very materialistic week: Downloaded the new Sen no Kiseki II game before getting the limited edition box set too (though it's not the OST). Love this game. It has a great story, some excellent dialogue and solid (turn-based) gameplay. Though while waiting for the new release, I tried playing another game (Ao no Kiseki - Evolution) from the same (Legend of Heroes) series, cos it's in Japanese, I just couldn't get into it. Also the earlier game looks so dated now I think SnK is much better. Have been playing it for a few days and the developer has added a lot more features to the battle mechanism, which is a bit confusing at the beginning but fun once mastered. 

New game has a much better cast
Last week also saw a number of new mobile phone releases (other than iPhone 6, which is quite yummy) and the one that I'm tempted to buy is Sony's Xperia Z Compact. It's just that both my Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo seem to be playing up BUT I really don't want to trade them in (yet) cos they are still relatively new (I bought Z April 2013 and Neo in May this year). But getting a new phone means I will have to carry two instead of three phones around ... so what to do?!? 

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