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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Thoughts on Ageing

Saw this video with British actress Emma Thompson visiting the Arctic (with Green Peace) and when she was asked whether being "50s is the new 30s", she said that was just "bullocks" ~ I agree with her. So many times have I told friends that I wish I'd started practising yoga when I was younger because no matter how much you exercise, your physical form does deteriorate with time ~ though, of course, with exercising, most of us can slow down that ageing process. Like, I know this young yogi who had made so much progress the past year in his yoga practice and I put a lot of that down to his youth (hard work, too, no doubt). 

As I was lying down in a reclining hero pose (supra virasana) today, my knees and lower back were complaining and I never had that much problem with this pose before (well, maybe a couple of years ago). In fact, my knees tend to complain a lot these days mostly because despite having a regular(-ish) yoga practice, my hips/pelvis are still very tight ... and all the pressure of some poses just go directly to my knees, which is not good. And, yeah, I still can't do the lotus pose ... but I'm hoping I'll get over these hang-ups when I take my teacher training early next month.

I'm glad I'm no longer a teenager though (ha!) all that raging hormone imbalance (!!) Then the 20s was all about insecurity and (unrealistic) romanticism; the 30s desperation and obsession; and, thankfully, now that I've passed my mid-40s I'm finally quite happy with the place that I'm in. Kinda looking forward to my 50s if I live that long... 

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