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Sunday, November 6, 2016

An Update

Wow, it has been a month since last entry ... so a quick update:

In Game Land, am on the final chapter of Summon Night 6: Lost Borders. Despite not having played any previous instalments I still manage to enjoy this game, given the characters are quite fun and well fleshed out (I didn't skip any of the conversations, granted I did skim over some of them). The gameplay is not difficult at all, I breezed through much of the game after the basic eight-member team was unlocked. And here is my latest (thematic) setup: 

Raju + Isuto// Amu + Natsumi // Enysha + Gian Crastof (powerful!) //
The last two I am more flexible, depending on what's required to get brave orders:
Aty + Rexx // Aya + Touya Fukazaki or Hayato // Kyle + Scarrel
I'm waiting to unlock Melgitos ... he should be fun with his special skills. I take it there will be more unlockables in NG+ so will see ...

Elsewhere am still trying to get into Steins;Gate ahead of the release of its sequel Steins;Gate 0 ... but this being a visual novel (and in Japanese with subtitles) it IS hard to get into. Meanwhile am also playing the old Marvel Alliance/X-men games on the old PSP so I'm a bit all over the place. 

In Tech Land, I traded in the Sony Xperia XA (beautiful that it is, battery life is really bad) for the new LG V20 (also in rose gold LOL). It's definitely a super upgrade but the screen (5" 7) is so large I have not been using it much. I did try to install the G5 kaleidoscope live wallpaper onto it but without success :-(  

So my latest lineup is now: Blackberry Priv (which battery life is just getting worse *argh*) + Sony Xperia Z5 Compact + LG V20. The J-Phone and Sidekick are just there as spares .. the latter I won't be able to use unless in the US ...

Kathryn Budig is always so inspiring  

And, finally, in Yoga Land, I am taking a very short break before a three-weekend handstand workshop, which I am really looking forward to attending. I will see if there are tricks that can compensate my lack of strength in the upper arm + shoulder muscles. Think I did too much reversed binding I've injured my right shoulder ... I reckon that will take months to heal ... and am off to Bali end of the year for a retreat ... despite the (long-distance) travel am determined to savour and enjoy every second while there.